Research Services

Clients instruct me to research for them in archives in London and the South East, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I am able to apply my professional skills to:

  • Research your family’s history;
  • Carry out a specific piece of a research in an archive on your behalf;
  • Make a professional assessment of research that has already been ‘done’;
  • Transcribe and interpret documents, including manorial records;
  • Save you research time and the expense of travelling to an archive, particularly when you have a fairly clear idea of what you are looking for;
  • Use surviving records to trace the story of a relative’s experience on active service, within the context of his unit’s deployment.

Genealogy Coaching Services

For the experienced family historian, there’s little to beat the excitement of solving a family mystery, tracking down an elusive ancestor or making contact with a living relative. For many of us, the thrill is in the chase and chasing up is not always something you want someone to do for you.

What can you expect from Genealogy Coaching and Mentoring?

Right from the start, with one-to-one tutoring and coaching, you can be a more effective researcher, developing skills that will enable you to locate relevant information, and to scrutinise and evaluate what you find. You’ll learn where to look for information, and how to negotiate your way beyond any ‘brick walls’ you have encountered. You’ll have the pleasure of doing the bulk of the research yourself, but with the support you need to develop transferable research skills.

If you are new to Family History, I will help you kick-start your research, while encouraging you to adopt efficient research methods, to plan and organise your research effectively, to understand what you may find and know where to look for it, and to reflect astutely on what you are discovering.

My role depends on what you require but might involve:

  • Helping you to analyse a research challenge and to identify where you might look for further information.
  • Filling the rôle of your research assistant prior to a visit to an archive, by helping you to identify and reserve relevant documents ahead of your visit and accompanying you on your initial visit to an important archive.

Learning Leaps

Learning Leaps enable you to make significant progress in your research.  For example, if you have taken your research back to the first half of the 19th Century and are wondering, “What next?”, I can guide you as you take a ‘Learning Leap’ with your project, by helping you develop your knowledge and research skills, and by collaborating with you, as a mentor, when you run out of steam, or hit a brick wall.

This might include:

  • Advice on sharing your research with others;
  • Helping you start a family history blog;
  • Editing your manuscript;
  • Help with using surviving relics to trace the experiences and story of a family member;
  • Support in planning a family reunion of the descendants of an ancestor you share.
  • Advice on planning an itinerary which includes travel to sites connected with your family history.