When I decided to research my family history, I had no idea how many dead ends and brick walls I would come up against.  Margie has worked with me in both a research and an advisory rôle, which enabled me to overcome obstacles on several occasions.  She is a historian in her own right, has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of family history, and excellent problem solving skills. She is extremely competent and therefore can be highly recommended.
Jane White, Wimbledon

It is wonderful how you are able to open doors that I doubt I would ever have found.
Gordon Bruce, Buckinghamshire

…you are a star! Thanks for all the spade work and the pointers of how to proceed.
Elizabeth Finnie, Wellington, N.Z.

Until I met Margaret Frood, I was floundering, as I had no real idea how to go about researching my family history.  Under her patient guidance, I have been fired up with enthusiasm for the subject and I have made real progress.  She is very knowledgeable and I have been much impressed by the speedy and efficient way she invariably finds the solution to my problems and by her helpfulness at all times.
S.H.S., Greater London